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The Final Judgment

The rest of your life has gone by in a fast-forward type of blur, and you now find yourself standing again in the Judgment Hall. The prosecuting attorney has just replayed your life, showing that you were a sinner, and contending that because of your sin, you deserve to die.

You slightly chuckle, and are amazed, seeing what you did and that Jesus changed you. Just then the Judge looks at Jesus and thunders, "What is the plea of the defense?"

Jesus stands. "Your Honor, the defendant signed the contract. He is aware of his sin, and he agreed to let Me take his punishment for him. I move that the Book of Life be opened, so that we may prove that I took his punishment for him." "Motion granted,", the Judge says. "Open the Book of Life!"

An angel approaches the large Book. He opens it to the page where your name is to appear. The angel says, "The defendant's name appears, Lord!"

The Judge's voice thunders with joy, as a large shaft of light penetrates the room. You realize it is coming from the hallway to your left. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" Jesus escorts you down the hallway....and the light gets brighter and you hear angelic music....