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The Judge's Chamber

You have entered a great judgment hall. Although you cannot see the judge, his voice booms at you through the whole hallway. "SINNER!", the judge says. "Your sin before Me is immense. It is a debt that has to be repaid, and I order payment."

Suddenly a man hurries into the hall, and says, "Your honor! May I pay the debt for the defendant?"

"Yes,", the judge replies, "if there is a contract between you and the defendant showing that the defendant understands what sin is, its consequences, and that he gives you and I total permission to clean up his life from sin. With that, you may pay the debt for him. Without it, he must pay it himself."

"Then I request a short recess, so that the defendant and I may confer." "Granted,", says the judge. The attorney motions you over to the defense table...Click here to continue.