You have been transported to a cloud, and surrounded by bright lights and joyous music. You see people all around you, and realize that these are angels, and that they're throwing a great party! As you are caught up in the festive mood and fun, you notice the source of the light: Jesus, who is seated in the middle of all of this. "Rejoice, everyone,", He says. "This lost sinner has come home!" He throws His arms around you, and you feel the wounds on His hands and feet. You know that you have finally found forgiveness and love. You are finally home.


You now know THE way to God, surrendering your life totally to Jesus Christ. You also know that He will come in and live with you always. Won't you take that step now? All you have to do is ask Him. When you do that, send me an Email by clicking on the image below. I'd like to ehlp you get started in your new Christian life.

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