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The Trial by Fire

You have entered a great judgment hall. As you enter, you hear the door slam shut behind you. You then hear a great, booming voice coming from the judge's chamber. "HUMAN!", the judge says. "So you think that I give consideration to people based on how "good" they have been. Is your life perfect?" You are unable to answer. The judge sees this, and orders, "Let the trial by fire begin! Show the defendant's life!"

You see your life played out on a large video screen. Just below the screen, you see what appears to be a house being built. You notice that much of the house is being built out of flammable materials. As the tape showing your life ends, you look down and notice that the house is incomplete.

The judge speaks again. "Bring forth the fire, and put it on the house!"

A being of light carries a fire and sets it on the house. Soon the whole house is engulfed in flames.

Soon there is nothing left of the house but ashes. The judge looks at you, and suddenly you realize you have no defense. His anger appears very hot. "If this were your final judgment, you would have no hope,", he says. "I'm going to give you one more chance. You sin against Me is immense, and I order that you be released from this courtroom for a short period of time to find a substitute to pay for your sins. This is your final warning."

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