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Welcome to Music Lighthouse USA, where you can listen to and buy music from some of your favorite artists,
and not only can you buy THE finest music you can find anywhere on the Web, but you can ALSO buy music that makes a difference in your life and expresses how you feel!

Just look below. You can order music from Rich Mullins, Amy Grant, Four Him and George Strait!

Rich Mullins
Ahhh, the humble sounds of a Godly man who is intent on letting God's love show through
his music! A masterful songwriter who wrote such songs as "Awesome God" and "Sing Your Praise to the Lord",
yet when he performed, he did it as a humble servant of God. He is now singing these songs in heaven before the King of Kings, but you can
have his music right here on earth!

The Rich Mullins Tribute Page

Never Picture Perfect

Amy Grant
The pure, crisp, clean sound of God's love flows through
Amy Grant's beautiful voice. Rich wrote "Sing Your Praise to the Lord",
but Amy's voice put it on the charts first!

The Collection
Thy Word

Four Him
What's NOT to like about this great group of musicians? These four guys,
all of whom originally came out of the band "Truth", have a full, rich sound that makes a beautiful harmony whether or
not they are backed up by music.

4 Him
"Where There Is Faith"

George Strait
George's voice and guitar display the sound that made country great, and continues to keep it pure! With such beautiful songs as "I Cross My Heart" and
"Carrying Your Love With me", he carries that sound to a new generation of country fans! Also he makes a GREAT movie star.

The George Strait Connection
Pure Country
I Cross My Heart

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member DJGONZA.
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