Darryl's Evidences Page

Question for you: Does God exist? I contend that He does, and the following pages are some documents that I've found all over the Web to support that contention.

First of all, these are some pages with some good general information.

1. Does God Exist? As I stated above, we contend that He does. This page is a good start as to why we contend that.

2. Dr. Walter Bradley's excellent article.. Shows that even many scientists, when pressed to stick to the evidence, believe that God exists. Also approaches the problem from a scientific point of view, showing the vast number of incredible coincidences that had to be fulfilled in order for us to even exist. Extremely low probability, or an intelligent Creator? The latter is MUCH more likely.

Now to evidences from the sciences. We approach this from two different angles: First, does the existence of intelligence in the universe imply the existence of a higher intelligence? Dr. R. A. Herrman's excellent article shows mathematically that it is not only possible, but likely.

Another article by Dr. Herrman gives an even more mathematically detailed description of the probability of the existence of God.

Also, here is a page that decribes the numerous flaws and problems with the theory of evolution, from a biological standpoint. This in turn discredits the idea that life in the universe, and therefore the universe itself, was the result of chance. If it was not the result of chance, then it must have been created. The Big Bang theory and other evidences from astronomy also show that there indeed must have been an intelligent Creator.

Soon to come: Evidences that the Bible is archaeologically and historically sound. This will lend credence to our claim that the Bible is the perfect, infallible Word of God. How can that be, you ask?

For starters, examine the writings of Flavius Josephus, a first-century historian born abort 37 A.D. In this citation he shows clearly that Jesus lived. Check out Chapter 3, Paragraph 3. For you history buffs, it's Josephus, Flavius, ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS, Book XVIII, ChapterIII, paragraph III.

Also, those in doubt about the historicity of the Old Testament might do well to check out this site. Biblical scholar and archaeologist Vendyl Jones describes what he has found in his institute's surveys of Israel.

More such evidence can be found at the Institute for Religious Research's page. Of particular interest is their confirmation of the existence (and attack on) Jericho, and their tracing of the lineage of Jewish kings.

Further, there's the question of Christmas. Did it happen? What of the Star of Bethlehem? Bethlehemstar.net helps answer that question.

I ask you again, does God exist?