This is a sampling of the rudeness and deceit of Fredric Rice, creator and maintainer of The Skeptic Tank BBS. Comments interjected by me will be in italics. The "dw>" in this message is David Worrell, also a member of The Skeptic Tank. Because of language standards maintained at the Darryl Gonzalez Christian Center, the following message has been edited.

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Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 22:30:24 -0800 To: David Worrell , Darryl Gonzalez From: "Fredric L. Rice" Subject: Re: OK, one more Cc:,,, dg> You all accuse us of hatred,
"Us?" I wonder who this "us" is that poor little Darryl is ranting about.
dw> Where have *I* accused you of any such thing, Darryl?
dw> I just think you're dumb as a box of rocks.
I've got a great deal of archived messages of Darryl's. I suppose I could search for what this poor lunatic is ranting about yet it's hardly worth the effor since it's nearly certain the poor dear is lying again.
Anything he doesn't believe is a lie. Convenient, isn't it?

dg> You were the ones who have compared Hitler to us.
dg> You were the ones who said that Hitler was a good christian.
dw> Are you God now, Darryl? The only one who can truly say whether
dw> a person was a "good Christian" or not is God, after all. We
dw> lowly mortals just have to rely on what people tell us.
Hitler said he was a Christian. That settles the question.
And if I said I was a member of the Dallas Cowboys, that would qualify me to play in the NFL, right?
dw> Hitler used "God's Word" to attract followers, whether he believed
dw> in it or not.
That's my point, Dave: he DIDN'T believe it.
You know, David Rice read a book which covered such emotive tools as "god words" and other traditional tools. Di you have any idea what book he reviewed?
dw> Your God did nothing to stop him. What do we call a person who knows
Except raise up the most powerful nations on Earth against him, that is!
dw> in advance that a murder will be committed and does nothing to stop it?
Hitler did nothing new; he and his machine did nothing the Christians which came before him didn't do.
Historically incorrect at best, Fredric. Please prove your inane statement from history.
dg> soon as possible.) The truth is that Christians are taught
dg> by God to use neither race,
Which is why every single Christian church is segregated by raciat traits and financial means.
Nope: most churches I have seen are only segregated by geographical location, NOT race.
dg> religion

Which is why Christianity rapes, tortured, and slaughtered out of existance as many religions, cultures, and people they could train their cannon on.
It can be proven that the Catholic Church did this---but NOT Christians. Orthodox Catholics who blindly follow the orders of the pope are NOT Christian.

dg> or any other factor to select whom to love and whom not to love--

Unless you're gay or a woman, that is.

Nope---no Christian is EVER commanded or taught in Scripture to hate EITHER gays OR women.
dg> we are to love all people.

Unless you're not a Christian, that is.
Yes, we love you even if you're not Christian. Which is why Christians don't ask whether or not you are one when doing charity work for you.
dg> Were Hitler a Christian,

Hitler was a Christian, Darryl. You know he was.

This cannot be proven historically. In fact, history proves otherwise.
dg> he would have known this, and would not have sent 6 million
dg> Jews (and many Christians as well) to their deaths.
And let's not forget something like 17 million Soviets.
dw>Tell it to the Amalakites, Darryl.
dw>Oh, wait, they're all dead, aren't they? Nevermind.
According to mythology they were "totally" wiped out _twice_.
Only in the twilight zone of Christianity can a peoples be wiped out totally more than once.
dg> As I did not have your Email address, I thank you for sending dg> it to me. Now I have added yours to my "twit filter" as well.

As if truth filters can save him.

dg> Any further messages you send me will be disregarded by Eudora.
dw> Didja ever take your girlfriend to an orthodontist?
The **** thinks he can mouth a lie on you and then run from the light of truth which follows.

Yes, Fredric and company have been running from truth for a long time. The question in, will YOU???

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