Why I Am A Christian

My Personal Testimony

I had been raised in a home which was not necessarily a Christian home, but my mother, to her credit, did insist on attending church on Sunday morning. Since we were a military family, my mother and I (and occasionally my Dad) attended the base chapel. I also went to Sunday school, up until the 5th grade.

Around that time, I began to have a sense that there was no purpose, no deeper meaning, in life. I spent the next four or five years looking for someone or something to give me guidance and understanding. I was something of a social outcast, and I tried to "fit in", but inwardly I had a sense that there was more to life than just fitting in, more than just being a member of the crowd. I made a lot of mistakes, and through my early junior high years, I pushed God aside.

After a while, though, I began to realize that life without God seemed empty and incomplete, and I also realized that I was slowly but surely edging towards messing up my life. I realized I could no longer ignore Him and be the best young man that I could possibly be, so on January 17th, 1979, I turned my life over to God.

It's been an interesting, wonderful ride. Life hasn't been easy (and God never said that it would be). But through it all, He's taught me many valuable lessons. I've listed some of those below as reasons why I am a Christian. These truths are things I realized when I became a Christian, and things you should know too.

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Because life is temporary, but Jesus is eternal.
Because life is change, but God's promises are constant.
Because life is confusing, but God gives direction.
Because the world brings pain, but Christ brings healing.
Because the world isn't forgiving but Christ is.
Because God's way of life is better than man's.
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